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Evangelism Resources

Christians need resources to encourage and provoke them into fulfilling the Great Commission.  This page will be a place to access these resources.  Check back for updates!

Sharing Your Faith

The best way to share your faith if you are new at it is to get hold of some good tracts and just give them out to people.  Go to your local shops when you know they will be busy and just hand them out.  If you smile and tell people "Here have one of these" or ask them "Did you get one of these?" most people will take one.  If you have a tract with the Word of God on it, then you can believe that the Word shall not return void and it will make an impact on the person who you gave it to.  As you gain confidence in handing out tracts, you will develop into having conversations with people about your experiences with God and your faith in Him.

Here are two places to get some excellent tracts:

Another great idea is to make your own tract.  We had professionals design our tract and had them printed off for pennies each.  This only works if you want thousands because of economies of scale, but if you are giving them out regularly then they soon go!  In 3-4 hours you can give away hundreds of tracts either in person on the streets or putting them through letter boxes.

The advantage of using your own tract is that you can give your own testimony and also put the address and service times of your own church on it.  Just make sure you put a Bible based gospel message on it!  You could also put a contact email address or phone number on it.  You could buy a cheap pre-pay phone or get a hotmail address if you do not want to give away your own email or phone.

We recommend the following site for any advertising materials.  They are professional and excellent value for money:

Click on the Big Question box above to watch an Interview with God.  As you watch this powerful presentation of the gospel based around the question "Why is there suffering in the world?" you have the option to email this to anyone you want.