Tree of Life Church, London

The Value of Cells

Having been in many large conferences and churches as a spectator, it is our desire that no-one comes to church as a spectator.  In a football game, there are only 11 people on the pitch and thousands of people who are simply paying their money and attending.  Unfortunately, there are many churches which are just the same - except it might be a bit difficult finding 11 people doing the stuff.

We want every Christian to have experience of leading others into the new birth, into the baptism of the Holy Spirit, into water baptism.  We want every Christian to be able to have times they have laid hands on the sick and seen them recover, we want every Christian to see church as a kind family, the best place on earth, the place where they are recognised and valued.

The way to ensure this happens is through cell groups.  Cell groups are groups of between 4 and 15 people who meet in a house or other venue for the purpose of helping each other become better Christians.  This means they will worship together, pray for each other, use the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit, serve each other in love and talk about how to make the sermon on Sunday part of their every day life. 

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As our church grows this website will have lists of all current cells and cell leaders.  This information will be available to our members so they can join the cell that is best for them to become the best Christian they can be.  It will also include many accounts of how people are healed, set free from sinful habits, and had their lives changed for the better through these wonderful small groups we call cells.

For information on joining a cell near you, contact