Tree of Life Church, London


In December 2008, as we were seeking the will of the Lord for 2009 he told us to move out of the library for four months and have home meetings.  As a core part of our vision for London is to have home meetings all over the city, we were excited about this.  Since January 8th, we have been meeting in our home on Sunday afternoons.

Clearly we cannot be advertising our address on the web for security issues, but if you wish to come you would be more than welcome.  Contact us via phone or email to find out where we are meeting.

These meetings will have two purposes: firstly, they will enable us to turn the meetings over the Holy Spirit in the safety and comfort of our own homes.  I believe that people will be released into giving messages in tongues, prophesying, and moving in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

I expect many testimonies from this season of time.  Secondly, we can plan as a group how to move forward when we return to Fulwell Cross Library in August.  We intend to return with an advertising campaign and a more church-like feel to the meetings with worship, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the preaching of the Word.

If you wish to pray for us or ask any questions, or if you wish to join with us any Sunday afternoon please let us know.