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Andrew Wommack is one of the clearest, most able Bible teachers in the body of Christ today.  There are hours of sermons, TV broadcasts and articles on this site - all for free.  If you need to understand the grace and goodness of God, we thoroughly recommend this site.

Bob Yandian is a pastor in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  There are TV programme and some excellent teaching articles available here.  We listen to Pastor Bob's radio show every day, and it is so encouraging and so Bible based.  Excellent!

Ever feel like you need to say something in an environment where everyone is encouraging, everyone loves the Word of God and believes that the solution to all the problems in life is in the Bible?  This forum is for you.  Pastor Mike Holohan from Grace Church in Ireland has a passion for teaching the Word and letting people hear it taught for free.  He created this forum for people to chat, relax and learn the Word.  A wonderful place!

Additional Links:

For information on being a cell church:

For some excellent articles defending the truth found within the Word of Faith movement: (These articles are complied by Troy Edwards, a great friend of our church)

Some excellent sermons are available from Keith Moore's church:

Our marketing - our fliers and postcards, etc - are produced by United Christian Marketing.  I have found this company to be remarkably professional, efficient and very friendly.  They are also great value for money.  I know a number of pastors have commented with more than a hint of envy about the quality of our marketing, and here is part of the secret of our success.  Highly recommend these people to any church looking for literature and marketing resources.  They also will take a rough work and create a great looking flyer!

The Way of the Master

Hollywood and God

Answers in Genesis
Vine Events are a Christian events listing site.  If you are sitting around thinking, "I want to be in a Christian concert, or go to a festival, or be in an evangelistic meeting - I wonder if there is one anywhere near me", then this is the site for you.  Our Healing Crusade is currently listed on their site, and it will be wonderful if people saw about it on the web, and decided to come and hear and be healed!