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This page is a collection of our online articles.  It is being updated on a regular basis, although to access the most up to date articles, we recommend our blog.  If you want to access our growing collection of PDF articles, click here.  For resources to inspire and encourage you to evangelism please click here.

Hear and Be Healed.  This article is the sermon notes from Ben's preaching on the 6th November.  To be fair, he went off on a tangent about speaking in tongues and on the need to live by faith in God's grace and not on our own works.  However, the notes are in article form and form an excellent foundation on which to start thinking about divine healing.  A 13 year old boy was instantly healed of back pain after this service.

Healing is God's Will.  This article is the sermon notes from Ben's preaching on the 30th October.  No attempt has been made yet to put these notes into article form, but the outline and Scriptures there will help you cement the truth that Healing is God's Will.

Healing is In Our Redemption.  This is sermon notes from Ben's preaching on 16th October.  They read more like sermon notes than an article, but the outline is there and it will help you realize that as part of our redemption we have been completely healed and set free from every sickness.  It will also help you take the practical steps necessary to receive your healing.

Sometimes we need some encouragement to step out and believe God.  This article on Believing God for the Impossible will both challenge and encourage you to get out the boat and be a water walking disciple.  To access this article as a PDF document, click here.

There are some things in your life which are good, but God does not want you to have them in your life.  In Casting Out Ishmael, you will find out that you must deal with the things in your life that are not God inspired and that doing this will lead to a life of multiplied grace and peace.

John 14.12 is one of the most staggering statements in the whole Bible: if you believe in Jesus, you will do the works that he did.  In this article called Doing the Works, Benjamin explains that this verse is not just for some charismatic lone-ranger superstar but for you.  Enjoy!

Fear will attack all of us in many areas of our life.  Some people think fear is normal or something that just has to be put up with.  Not so - fear does not come from God and there is a secret ingredient which can drive out all fear from your life.  Which is good news - because fear is far more sinister than most Christians realize.  Read Overcoming Fear here.

Sometimes we do not know how to pray the way we want to.  God has provided the Word of God to aid us in our prayer life.  To learn how to use this powerful tool in prayer, check out Praying the Word here.

Sometimes we can be tempted to exalt what God has done through us more than we exalt God.  This temptation is called Religious Pride and just like any kind of pride it will lead to destruction.  To find out how to recognize and deal with Religious Pride read this powerful, faith filled sermon.

When you start to realize that the plain teaching of the Word is that Jesus wants you to live in joy, victory, health and prosperity a question can often start to arise in your mind: why does the New Testament talk so much about suffering?  How does this fit with the idea of a life of victory.  In Suffering: A Mixed Bag, Benjamin explains what the New Testament means when it says we suffer.  The answer may surprise you!


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